A split-screen image portraying the juxtaposition of time with one side showing a black person at work under pressure and one side showing the black person relaxing at the park, with a clock in the middle. this depicts burnout

Feeling like you’re constantly putting in overtime, but never getting ahead? Does work leave you drained and uninspired? If so, you might be facing burnout. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged or excessive stress. It can zap your productivity, happiness, and overall health. The good news? You’re not […]


The transformation from acne-ridden skin to a clear, radiant complexion of a black woman. Make the colour of the black woman's before and after be the same complexion and skin tone.

Acne. It’s a common skin woe that plagues millions, and let’s be honest, it can be a real confidence crusher. But before you resign yourself to a lifetime of breakouts, take a deep breath! Acne is absolutely treatable, and there are steps you can take to achieve that clear, glowing skin you deserve. Let’s explore […]



Ever felt glued to your phone at night, mindlessly scrolling through social media while precious sleep hours tick away? You’re not alone. In today’s digital world, quality sleep can feel like a distant dream. Between endless emails, late-night social media binges, and the blue light glow of our devices, our sleep suffers. And we can’t […]

Lactose Intolerance

cup of milk with a text saying lactose and a bubble saying intolerance close to a cup of coffee on a blue background

In a world where dairy products seem to be a predominant in many diets, a significant portion of the world’s population faces a unique challenge; lactose intolerance. This common digestive disorder can cause discomfort and inconvenience, however, with the right knowledge and strategies, those affected can still enjoy a balanced and satisfying diet. And it […]


A sad lady sitting in the dark with the text insomnia written

Introduction Sleep is an essential aspect of our lives, promoting physical and mental well-being. However, millions of individuals worldwide suffer from a common sleep disorder known as insomnia. It is characterized by difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing poor sleep quality. It can have harmful effects on a person’s overall health, productivity, and […]

The Sweet Truth: Obesity and the Impact of Sugar on Health

Green ice cream rolls with vanilla and chocolate wafer rolls, sprinkles, and frosting in a yellow and black poka dot container from

Obesity has become a global health crisis, affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. While multiple factors contribute to obesity, one significant culprit is the excessive consumption of sugar. It is important to note that there is a connection between obesity and sugar intake; an unhealthy relationship that poses great risks to the human body. […]


Tobacco leaves

Smoke wafts into the interview room as Oga Tobs, or Tobacco, walks in, eyes dour, lips darkened, coughing. He refuses to sit; instead, he brings out a cigarette and smokes while facing the window. I cover my nose with a face mask to protect myself. Oga Tobac– Please, please, my name is Tobs, not Tobacco. […]

Cervical Cancer

January is cervical cancer awareness month. Cervical cancer is a gender specific cancer because it affects only women. It is also the fourth most common cancer in women. In 2018, an estimated 570,000 women worldwide were diagnosed with the disease and about 311 000 women died from the disease. This article will provide answers to […]

Making a Plan

This post is being written in January around the time of the year when people make plans for how they will achieve the ambitions they have for their year. This is just a guide to help you make a plan. it’s not just something that works for January, the principles here will work for just […]

Infertility: the new king in the room

Fertility is the quality of being able to produce children. Many people are interested in having children, sadly about 10-15% ( of couples experience difficulty In having children. The journey to parenthood can be challenging and these challenges are increasing with about 5-10% per year ( The need for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is also […]