How To Deal With Stress In An Uncertain World

Do you find yourself losing your cool more frequently? Or maybe you are adding weight that you cannot explain? There are many ways stress announces its presence in our lives and regardless of how it presents, there is a common consensus: too much of it is harmful.

With the prevalent anxiety and uncertainty in the world, stress levels are on the rise. We are combatting a disease that no one fully understands yet and news headlines are laden with bad news from all over the world. Businesses are struggling at best and unemployment is on the rise. The world really is volatile and uncertain right now and life as we knew it is likely over. At least, for now.

To help with the inevitable physical and mental stress, we have some practical tips for you:

1. Sleep Well – Quality Plus Quantity

There is a dangerous yet popular trend of sleeping less and working round the clock. Research shows that to function optimally at work and in your life, you need 7 – 9 hours of quality sleep. Sleep is not for the weak!

You have probably picked up bad habits that make it difficult for you to fall asleep or sleep properly. Some of them include sleeping with electronic devices near you, having large meals before sleeping, and taking work to your bed. Stop those. Keep your mobile devices away from your sleeping area to avoid using them when you should be sleeping. Large meals before bed can lead to indigestion, heartburn, and discomfort while sleeping. Of course, keep work away from your rest area.

2. Learn To Say No

Sometimes, you may be stressed because you are trying to take on too much. Make a list of all you are involved in, and cross out activities that are not crucial. You are not a machine, you need to rest, and this can only happen when you learn to say no.

3. Exercise!

Almost everything good in health can be associated with exercising. When you work out, you release feel-good hormones that help lower your stress levels. Do you remember the last time you worked out? You probably felt as fit as Chloe Ting and heady enough to consider taking on Anthony Joshua. While that last one may end in tears, exercising will exorcise your stress.

4. Mental Exercises

Negativity bias is a real thing. We tend to feel the effects of undesirable events more than positive ones. We are indeed living in difficult and uncertain times but there will always be reasons to smile. You just need to find them.

Practice mindfulness to make sense of what you are feeling and process what you can or cannot control. Gratitude therapy is also useful in learning to count your blessings and keeping a positive mindset. Remember, it is difficult for stress to thrive in an ambiance of contentment and peace.

Keep your chin up. We will win.

Dr. Okonkwor Oyor C.

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