The First Two Things You Should Do In 2019

To-Do List

  1. Get health insurance for yourself
  2. Tell everyone you love to get health insurance too

We will start very frankly, you need to get health insurance and you need to start right away. Good thing is you are reading this, so you probably already have cover or you are now seriously thinking about getting covered.

If you’re on the edge, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Pick a plan here: Our Plans 

We have a variety of plans to accommodate different budgets (as low as N23, 000) and even to accommodate our parents and loved older ones. These plans come with access to our hosital network across the country, so wherever you go in Nigeria you can always get healthcare.

You know, we all want to be healthy but sometimes disease happens or there is an accident or you are in an emergency – when those things happen, you want to just focus on getting better. Not on paying bills.

An Hygeia HMO plan is the answer. A plan can cover all or part of your medical expenses by spreading the risk over a large number of people. Look at our HyPrime plan, for example. Pay N58, 900 and get dental care, optical care, emergency care etc. covered for a year.

The thing is what you pay as your contribution (your premium) is always a token in comparison to what you would have spent if you had to pay for healthcare services directly. So you save a lot of money just because you are not paying out of pocket.

Health goals, check. Financial goals, check.

Do you sometimes get panicky or get stressed out when a particular relative calls you?  It’s often about a health issue, right? Here’s what you can do – help them get a plan. How much of a relief will it be when not just you but also your immediate family, friends, extended family, domestic staff and even your various association members have health insurance?

With more people in the health insurance loop, those SOS messages reduce and you cut the risk of becoming a hashtag yourself when you have a medical need.

Still need to talk? Send us a DM on Twitter. We are @HygeiaHMO_

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