Head to Toe Weight Loss: The Face and Chin

The result of weight loss routines such as exercises can only be seen if you do the right kind of exercise for the different parts of the body. This is why we will be giving you tips on the right exercises from head to toe. Let’s start with the face and chin exercise.
The Face & Chin
The first thing you look at when you meet someone. Everyone wants a slimmer face, chiseled jaw line, no double chin, it is possible.
Apart from a Healthy diet plan, there are proper facial exercises that can help you achieve that perfect face.
We’ll tackle 3; please do not practice this in a public place if you still want to have a Rep after this.
Lips Pull
You can do this either sitting or standing with your head in the normal position. Lift your lower lip up as much possible by pushing your lower jaw out.
If you’re doing it right it should look like you’re doing an “extreme pout” but looking up.
You’ll feel the stretch and strain in your chin muscles and jaw line. Stick with this for 10-15 seconds then relax, repeat 10x.
lip pull
Chin Lifts
This is a great way to get rid of a double chin. Sitting or standing, begin by tilting your head toward the ceiling, keeping your eyes fixed towards it.
Make your lips tight as if you’re trying to kiss the ceiling, hold it for 10 seconds then relax, repeat 10x
Jaw Release
The jaw release exercise is one of the most effective facial exercises for double chin reduction. It helps in stretching and dealing the muscles around your lips, jaws and cheeks.
Begin with sitting or standing in a straight posture and moving your jaw just like you are chewing while keeping your lips closed. Breathe in deeply and breathe out while humming.
Next open your mouth wide with your tongue pressed within your bottom teeth. Hold this posture for 5 seconds, now breathe in and out again- this makes one repetition. Repeat 10 times, hold 5 seconds.
Facial exercises are to be done with caution though, because if you do the wrong thing consistently, it may lead to wrinkles, find out more about them.

Here’s to Slimmer cheeks & chiseled jaw lines!

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