Holidays Without Stress

Is that even possible? Does the thought of everything you have to do you out? If so, you are far from alone.

Some of the top stress points are the traffic and the crowds, long lines at the stores, gaining weight from indulging too much, aggressive driving during the season – no wait a minute, that last one happens all the time here!

Sound familiar? Here’s some advice on how to cope with the holiday stress and make the season happier and healthier instead.

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify
    Not everything has to be so elaborate. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters this season, which for many people is spending time with family and friends, and in religious observances.
  • Don’t ignore negative feelings
    Reach out to family or friends if you’re feeling lonely. See people but set clear boundaries. We also put expectations on those close to us that they may not be able to meet. Do better.
  • Set realistic goals
    Things don’t have to be perfect. You should be intentional with your holiday plans and find a happy middle ground.
  • Have a budget, stick to it
    If you have financial concerns, set a budget that is realistic and don’t get into debt because of the holidays.
  • Plan ahead for the things you want to do
    If there are things you don’t want to do or cannot afford to do just yet, don’t be afraid to say no
  • Don’t overindulge with food and drinking

Jolloficate and enjoy a good drink with the fam but please be mindful of your health and of others’ safety. Very important not to drink and drive too.

  • Be grateful
    Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. Express gratitude to all the people in your life. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like having a wonderful gift for someone and not giving it to them.

Take care of yourself

With all the emphasis on taking care of others during the holidays, our own needs often come last. Get plenty of sleep, do things you enjoy such as reading a book, listening to music or spending time with a friend. When we have a bit of joy, we can handle stress better.

Get help when you need it.

This may be with cleaning or cooking or just running errands. Ask for help. While everyone deals with stress and anxiety, the time may come when professional help is needed to get back on the right track, whether during the holidays or after.

More importantly, have a fantastic holiday season, you deserve it!

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