How to Buy Hygeia Healthcare Plans

Hygeia HMO Limited is Nigeria’s leading Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) which since its establishment over 30 years ago, has acquired extensive experience implementing healthcare solutions across Nigeria.
Hygeia services are available nationwide and include the provision of comprehensive healthcare services to corporate organisations, SME, individuals and families. Buying a Hygeia Healthcare cover is one of the best health decisions you could ever make for you and those you care about.
Hygeia plans are affordable and offer immense value. Hygeia has the widest hospital network in Nigeria. Even the lowest plans give access to about 950 hospitals across Nigeria and counting.
The Hygeia Healthcare plans can be purchased through the following channels:

  1. The Hygeia website – Click here to select and buy plan to buy online. It is straight forward and easy.
  2. The Hygeia Mobile App – Click here for download guide
  3. Send us an email to or call 0700 494342 466.

The Hygeia healthcare plans include the following:
Corporate Plans: We’ve got all staff cadre in your organisation covered with our corporate plans. You can get a quote today.
SME Plan: Suits the needs of organisations with staff strength of 21 and less for just N20,000 per person for a year.
Individual Plans: You can be a super hero to your dependants and domestic staff with just N23,000 per year. You can cover those who count on you for care with this plan.
Senior Citizens Plans – With this plan, we have got your parents covered too from N112,000 per year
Community Healthcare Plan: For just N7000 per year, you can sponsor a community of 1000 to healthcare for a year.
Comprehensive Health Check Plan: This plan affords you access to comprehensive health checks.
Medevac Plan: The Medevac plan gives you access to good quality healthcare outside of Nigeria when emergencies arise. The Hygeia Medevac plan provides an individual with a cover of $500,000 per event in a year.
If you are looking to get the best healthcare possible at the best price, here are the ways you can proceed to purchase a Hygeia Healthcare plan.

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