Hygeia HMO introduces 0700 HYGEIA HMO Customer Care Line

In Hygeia HMO it is our continuous bid to improve customer experience, we have created a new way to listen to you by introducing a unique contact centre number 0700-HYGEIA-HMO. The 0700 HYGEIA HMO (0700-494342-466) unique line is our new customized contact centre line. It is a SMART Number that bundles all our telephone lines, allowing incoming calls to hunt for the next free contact centre line without callers having to try different contact centre numbers. You will notice that this number is longer than the traditional GSM number, not to worry its perfectly correct and working because it’s a customized to make it easy for you to remember.

This platform has been introduced to afford our customers and potential customers a number of benefits which include:

  • Single contact number that is easy to memorize and remember
  • A Faster connection to contact centre
  • A reduction in wait time and dropped calls
  • Better customer experience and speed of service
    This initiative is in line with our commitment to the vision To be the 1st Choice for Healthcare Solutions of International Standards” in Nigeria.
    So when next you need to reach our customer care centre, just a dial 0700 HYGEIA HMO (0700-494342-466).

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