Hygeia HMO Launches Easy Healthcare Payment For Nigerians In The UK

Hygeia HMO, the leading health management organization in Nigeria, is pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership with PiP iT Global and Sochitel. This partnership will enable Nigerians living and working in the UK to buy Hygeia HMO healthcare plans for their parents in Nigeria and pay for these plans with cash at any UK Post Office. The plans for non-resident Nigerians are available here https://www.hygeiahmo.com/ukdiaspora 

This new service gives Nigerians living in the UK another simple and affordable way to take care of their family back home without the need to remit cash home to do so. With a Hygeia HMO Senior healthcare plan, if a medical emergency happens, they will have some peace of mind that hospital care will be provided and medical bills paid.

Hygeia HMO has made it a goal to continue providing affordable access to quality healthcare and also to contribute positively to the Nigerian healthcare sector. This partnership will allow them to reach all Nigerians, including those working overseas.

PiP iT Global’s platform for cash transfers enables international bill payments, e-deposits and eCommerce payments for customers living across the globe. Sochitel is a global remittance and value transfer company leading the way to create a bridge for migrant communities across the world to support their friends and family back home.

With this partnership, Nigerians abroad can now simply visit the Hygeia HMO website and select their preferred plan. They need to complete a simple online form and will be issued with a payment order form by email or SMS. This order form is accepted at any UK Post Office where they can pay for the healthcare plan in cash. Once payment is processed, the healthcare cover from Hygeia HMO is in place. The goal is to improve the benefits of migration by making it simpler for Nigerians living abroad to purchase healthcare for their family and help their loved ones back home.

Obinnia Abajue, Hygeia HMO’s CEO commented that “our research shows that there is a lot of demand for Nigerians in diaspora looking for affordable and reliable ways to take care of their loved ones. This partnership makes it easier for them to do this and we are happy to be able to provide this service”

Ollie Walsh, CEO of PiP iT Global added that “through this partnership we are delighted that our payment platform will help the Nigerian diaspora to pay for Hygeia HMO healthcare for their family back home while working abroad. This service is available to them even if they don’t have a bank account in either country.”


About Hygeia HMO
Hygeia HMO has been in the business of providing healthcare services to Nigerians for over 30 years. Hygeia HMO healthcare plans were designed with you, the customer, in mind. With a wide range of offerings to suit every budget and location or hospital preference in Nigeria, plans cover individuals, dependents and even senior citizens. They also have maternity and IVF Plans. Hygeia HMO healthcare plans cover you wherever you are in Nigeria.
Visit www.hygeiahmo.com for more information.

About PiP iT Global

PiP iT Global, a Start-Up tech firm in the FinTech/Payments space offer a Digital Cash Collection platform for International Cash Transactions. This is the first platform of its kind in the world.

PiP iT Global is a Financial Inclusion company with a mission to help the unbanked / underbanked to be able to fully participate in the Digital World, as well as to feel secure when making an online payment. The full range of PiP iT services include international bill payments, eWallet loading, PiPiTbanking and offline eCommerce payments.

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