How Hygeia HMO Uses Technology & Data To Improve Your Health By Obinnia Abajue

The practice of providing managed care to enrollees goes beyond access to premium health services. At Hygeia HMO, it also involves active surveillance of health trends to ensure that our services are addressing both curation and prevention so that we are able to help prevent serious illness in addition to supporting the management/treatment if it occurs.

A key part of preventive healthcare is the identification of health trends amongst our enrollees. To be able to do this, we built our own technology stack to digitize the entire process of buying a plan, registering your details, and syncing with the providers who give care by telemedicine or in-person encounters at their facilities.

The data obtained from these interactions with providers and in the course of approving access to health services is anonymized, collated, and analyzed. These analyses help us determine disease patterns and prevalence within groups, clusters, and communities and then provide guidance to the management and employees on how to take better care of their health. Our clients love this because it goes a long way to maintaining the quality of life of their team & also ensure productivity does not decline due to poor health.

“The ability to generate meaningful data and to quickly analyze it for insights is fast becoming an important competitive edge for businesses and the leading factor responsible for rapid business transformation in today’s world.”

This comment form Omoshola Yusuf, Head, Medical & Technology division at Hygeia HMO captures the importance of data and our growing capacity to harness and deploy it for the benefit of our members.

We do this with well-planned intervention measures recommended by our in-house experts who start with an in-depth evaluation of the problem. Then our team puts together a communication plan to nip the trend in the bud. We implement this plan through a variety of channels such as targeted emails and newsletters, health talks, training, and health checks depending on the context.

Here’s a sample chart showing top conditions and procedures in a member cluster. We use data like this to offer targeted preventive care interventions to our members.

Ubong Nkanta, our Head of Customer Experience says,

“Data has become a valuable commodity that all organizations must master. Every interaction our members have creates data, which when properly analyzed can reveal insights that not only improves decision accuracy but also enhances customer experience”

With our members and providers spread across the country, we are in a good position to track health trends all over the country, particularly for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This data can be useful in formulating health policies locally, and in planning public health measures.

Due to the increasingly high prevalence of non-communicable diseases, HMOs have quality data on the trends and management of these conditions. As Nigeria’s leading HMO growing rapidly into the informal and retail sectors, Hygeia HMO is primed to put this data use to help clients and members live more life.


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