Lagoon Hospital Performs First Metallic Replacement OF WHOLE ARM BONE AND JOINTS in Africa

A team of surgeons from Lagoon Hospitals have performed the first surgery involving metallic replacement of the whole arm bone (humerus), shoulder and elbow joints on a patient thus becoming the first Hospital in Nigeria and West Africa to record this successful medical procedure.
The team of surgeons was led by Dr. Segun Abudu, a renowned Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital Birmingham UK, seconded to Lagoon Hospitals since 2011.
Speaking on this historic achievement, Chief Operating Officer, (COO) of the Hospital, Dr. Naseem Mohammed, said “Lagoon Hospitals, have the facilities to perform all forms of surgical procedures including hip and knee replacements, keyhole surgery for the knee (arthroscopy) bone replacements with modern options correction of deformities using techniques that are only possible at very few specialised hospitals in the United Kingdom and USA.
Also commenting on this achievement, the Hygeia Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) – Mr. Lars Stork, in his statement said “Lagoon Hospitals continue to prove that we are indeed pioneers in ground-breaking surgery and other tertiary healthcare solutions”.
Speaking further, Mr. Stork said “there are a significant number of Nigerians who go abroad for treatment. The outstanding achievement demonstrated by our Orthopaedic surgeons confirms our commitment to our strategic objective of being the first choice for healthcare solutions of international standards in Nigeria. As we continue to invest in high quality specialty services at least at par with what is offered abroad, we certainly encourage Nigerians to take full benefit from these investments. At the end of the day Patients are best served by medical treatment provided close to where they live.
Research shows that there are only approximately 50 – 60 cases of this type of surgery performed even in the UK to date, therefore making this surgery historical. This operation adds to the number of high-end surgeries performed at Lagoon Hospitals annually. Over the last few years, an area of major development has been Joint Replacement and Major Bone Reconstructive Surgery (Orthopaedics).
Lagoon Hospitals is the only Hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa to earn accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the quality of health care. JCI is dedicated to improving the quality of health care through voluntary accreditation. JCI’s uniform, high standards for patient care and safety are designed to be adaptable to local needs.
Lagoon Hospitals is part of the Hygeia group, Nigeria’s foremost private integrated healthcare services provider which also has Hygeia HMO, Hygeia Community Health Care and Hygeia Foundation within the group. Lagoon Hospitals provides a range of both primary and tertiary healthcare services across the three sites: Lagoon Apapa, Lagoon Ikeja and Lagoon Victoria Island respectively

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