New and exciting changes to Lagoon Hospitals Victoria Island

In the next few weeks, Lagoon Hospital VI previously situated at 11a Idejo Street will now be located to 13a Idejo Street VI so we have literally moved next door.
With this move, the hospital has undergone a major face lift, which means that there is a huge improvement to the general ambience all round. In addition to this, there is an upgrade in the services now available which will ensure delivery is more effective, efficient and prompt.
The plan is for the move to actually take place over the weekend of Sunday 16th March 2013 and we will ensure that there is minimal disruption as possible. The hospital will still operate over that weekend As always, our aim to all our clients is to continue to ensure your experience with us is as pleasant and comfortable as is possible under the circumstances.
For more information, please visit our website at or call Miss Funke Foresythe on08033015642

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