The Patients’ Bill Of Rights

The Consumer Protection Council has introduced the Patients’ Bill of Right (PBOR) to set acceptable standards for health services delivery. As an Hygeian, your optimum satisfaction is our focus and we are delighted to be able to share these rights with you:

  1. Right to relevant information

This is to ensure that you understand any diagnosis, treatments and other procedures and outcomes you may encounter.

  1. Right to timely access to medical records

This confirms that you should have access to your own accurate medical records in a timely manner

  1. Right to transparent billing

This right validates that you are entitled to a clear and full breakdown of the bills for your treatment plans

  1. Right to privacy

This affirms your right to confidentiality and privacy

  1. Right to clean healthcare environment

This emphasises that you have a right to a safe and secure environment to get treatment and other healthcare services

  1. Right to be treated with respect

This right applies to everyone without bias to gender, ethnicity, religion, disability allegations of crime or economic circumstances.

  1. Right to receive urgent care

This reaffirms patients’ rights to receive immediate and sufficient care when it is an emergency

  1. Right to reasonable visitation

This declares visitation, within reasonable rules and regulations, as an entitlement

  1. Right to decline care

This confirms that patients have a right to decline treatments as long as they are aware of the consequences of that decision and it is legal to do so.

  1. Right to decline or accept to participate in medical research

Everyone has the right to decline being a part of any medical research and also to accept to participate in any

  1. Right to quality care

The care you receive must be of a sufficient quality and meet standards required.

  1. Right to express dissatisfaction regarding services received

If you receive any healthcare that you’re not happy with, you always have the right to complain about that service. our HyCare Service Center is optimised to help you if this happens – we will be proud to advocate for you.

Email us anytime of the day at or call 0700 494342 466. We’ll help you out.

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