What Do Patients Really Want?

Q3, 2020

As we continue our match towards Universal Health Coverage, we are committed to building a patient-centric health ecosystem.

Knowing that data-driven businesses are more able to adapt to change and deliver high-quality services, we always use data to stay true to our promise of a ‘wow experience’ for every enrollee, anytime they need our services.

For example, we wrote about how data helps us in optimizing the health of our enrollees in this article. Today, we write about another way we make use of these insights. For us, it is not enough to give access to thousands of providers across Nigeria. We also monitor the quality of service that our partner facilities provide.

Our enrollees get the chance to rate providers after every encounter. This process has led to a customer-driven rating system. With enrollees from different socio-economic strata and needing care for a wide range of reasons, the data we get is a good representation of the voice of the customer in health care.

Every quarter, we publish the top 3 hospitals as rated by our enrollees and share this information via our channels as a way of a way of recognizing patient-centric providers and equally encouraging other healthcare providers on our network to improve on their quality of service.

For some context, providers in the Hygeia HMO network are grouped into 4 different categories based on the cost of accessing care in the facility. This cost is not reflective on the quality of care available. Regardless of this categorization, providers have different ratings on our app based on enrollees’ satisfaction with the care they received. So, a category B hospital can have a 3-star rating while a category C hospital may have a 5 star rating. Consumer behavior is influenced by this rating, and this leads enrollees to patronize hospitals based on how well they are rated.

In simple terms, enrollees patronize the top-rated providers more.  The average customer satisfaction score for our top 3 providers by volume is 77%.  To contrast, the 2019 CSAT benchmark published by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for Hospitals is 76%.

Here’s the CSAT for our top 3 providers for Q3

  • Bethel Dental Clinic, Abuja        [CSAT: 86%]
  • Trust Charitos Hospital – Abuja [CSAT: 83%]
  • Lagoon Hospital Ikeja                [CSAT:  79%]

So, what affects your rating?

The flexibility of our plans means that enrollees are not restricted to a single hospital, so they have the freedom to go to any hospital. This system makes the rating of providers crucial because it is one of the factors, apart from proximity that influences an enrollee’s choice of hospital.

Our data insights revealed that positive ratings were driven by:

  • Excellent & Prompt Service Delivery – 47%
  • Prompt Approval Response Time – 17%
  • Customer-centric staff – 4%

What influences the negative rating?

  • Staff attitude, ambience & Service Processes
  • Long waiting time at the hospital

As a health facility manager or owner, we believe that this data will be valuable to you. It will not only help you assess your facility’s performance in service delivery but also direct you in optimizing your processes to ensure that you achieve maximum customer satisfaction from our enrollees and your customers.

Bethel Dental Clinic, Abuja        [CSAT: 86%]

  • Trust Charitos Hospital – Abuja [CSAT: 83%]
  • Lagoon Hospital Ikeja                [CSAT:  79%]

In the end, patients are customers, and what they say plays a major role in the success of your business.

By Dr. Okonkwor Oyor C.


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