It’s Raining Sales: Hygeia HMO Announces First Ever Black Friday Sales.

It’s Raining Sales: Hygeia HMO Announces First Ever Black Friday Sales.


Hygeia HMO, the leading Health Management Organization in Nigeria, will be having its first Black Friday sales. The sales are aimed at ensuring all Nigerians have access to quality and affordable healthcare. For the first time, the brand is inviting shoppers to participate in its first-ever sales on its healthcare plans.

The best health insurance deals you can get will be up for grabs at the Black Friday sales which will take place on Friday, November 22nd & Friday, November 29th, 2019. The two-day sale will give current and new customers the opportunity to buy healthcare plans at a discounted price.

Three of Hygeia HMO’s products will be up for sale on those days, and they are; HyBasic, HyCheck, and HyCheck Advanced plans. On November 22nd, 2019, the HyBasic plan will be selling at a 13% discount, while the HyCheck plans will be selling at a whopping 20% off on Friday, November 29th, 2019.

Imagine going to the hospital and not worrying about health bills? The HyBasic plan will give individuals health cover up to N350, 000. This includes general consultations, minor surgeries, basic x-rays, diagnostic tests and so much more. Both the HyCheck and HyCheck Advanced plans allow you to take charge of your health and detect problems even before they start. The plans offer both standard and advanced health screenings that individuals need to get, all at a discounted price.

Speaking on the sales, the CEO of Hygeia HMO, Mr. Obinnia Abajue said, “Every Nigerian deserves affordable coverage and high-quality care. For millions of Nigerians, quality healthcare is a luxury and with these sales, our already affordable healthcare plans become more affordable. We at Hygeia HMO will continue to contribute positively to the healthcare sector in Nigeria, and our Black Friday sale is a way of giving back to the society”. He also stated that “Hygeia HMO drives to continually provide quality health insurance services that will continually enhance the quality of lives of Nigerians, and the brand will always make meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry at large.”

The flow of getting a healthcare plan on the sales dates is as follows:

  1. Buyer visits and chooses ‘Get 13% Off’
  2. Buyer clicks to ‘Pay Annually’ on the plan and pays
  3. Hygeia HMO activates the policy automatically
  4. Recipient starts enjoying healthcare cover

About Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO has been in the business of providing healthcare services to Nigerians for over 30 years. Our healthcare plans were designed with you, the customer in mind. We have a wide range of offerings to suit you irrespective of class, location or hospital preference. Our healthcare plans range from Corporate to our retail plans which feature the individual plans, the dependents plans, the senior citizen’s plans, the maternity plans, Our IVF Plans and also our HyLife plans for the fitness and wellness lovers. Bespoke offerings are also available for that extra personal touch. Our healthcare plans cover wherever you are in Nigeria.

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