black medic showing how to do chest compressions to a dummy

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a crucial life-saving skill that can make the difference between life and death in emergency situations. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a first responder, or a concerned bystander, knowing how to perform effective CPR is a skill that everyone should possess. Cardiac arrest can strike anyone, anywhere, at […]

Preeclampsia: What Does It Mean?

Toke waddled to the bathroom as quickly as her swollen legs let her. She sat down on the toilet seat to pee and sighed with relief as her bladder emptied. “I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over, all the intermittent urination will finally end”, she thought. She cleaned up and reached out to […]

You Can Get Your Blood Pressure (BP) Under Control

A healthy heart working to beat blood pressure

Hypertension is a condition in which blood travels around your body at a pressure higher than normal, exposing your organs to undue stress which can lead to devastating complications like stroke or kidney failure if it is not well managed. It is very common among black people and in Nigeria alone it is estimated that about 28.9% […]

Safety Tips For This Election Season

Elections are always  interesting and charged anywhere in the world. This is also true for us in Nigeria. So we’ve got your back to help you sail through this election season like a pro. Drink lots of water: Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again before you go out to vote. In fact have a nice supply […]