Setting healthy goals for the New Year

Understanding the need to prioritize your health is crucial to making the most of the New Year. This past year must have come with its challenges and trials, both physical and emotional. However, if you must lead a healthier lifestyle and well-being, you must set smart, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals and objectives for your […]

Diabetes – The Facts & Fictions (What WhatsApp Broadcasts Won’t Tell You)

What WhatsApp Broadcasts Won’t Tell You  When left untreated or poorly managed, diabetes can be devastating. Most people think that diabetes is very difficult to manage and so there are many inaccuracies commonly peddled about the disease. We have taken time to address some of these fictions and give you the real facts about diabetes. […]

Are You Eating Too Much Rice?

By Ameze Obaseki It is Monday and because your Sunday rice and stew was so good and you made so much, of course you’ll have it again for breakfast today. During your lunch break at work, you find out there is only Jollof and coconut rice available at the canteen so you settle for the […]