Codeine And Tramadol Abuse 101 For Parents: Signs To Look Out For

“Go on Mary, take a sip. You know you want to”. Her friends laugh as she shakes her head. “Hian, stop being so stiff jare” Joy scoffs at her, “you’re always forming sef”. “I don’t form”, Mary said, visibly hurt by the comment. Maybe just one sip then, she thought. It didn’t taste bad so […]

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Know The Risk Factors

Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Talking publicly about testicular cancer (TC) makes many men uncomfortable, especially so in Nigeria. The truth, however, is that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. When compared with other types of cancer, testicular cancer is rare but it is the most common cause cancer in young men. It also has one of […]