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As we celebrate International Nurses Week, we take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate their invaluable contributions. This week provides us with an opportunity to recognize the tireless efforts of nurses worldwide. The work tirelessly to provide exceptional care to patients and families. The theme for this year’s International Nurses Week is, “Our Nurses. Our […]

How Hygeia HMO Uses Technology & Data To Improve Your Health By Obinnia Abajue

The practice of providing managed care to enrollees goes beyond access to premium health services. At Hygeia HMO, it also involves active surveillance of health trends to ensure that our services are addressing both curation and prevention so that we are able to help prevent serious illness in addition to supporting the management/treatment if it […]

10 Questions To Help You Demystify Cancer – World Cancer Day 2021 #IamandIwill

World Cancer Day World Cancer Day is marked on the 4th of February to raise awareness about cancer and promote its detection, prevention, and treatment. Quelling misinformation, reducing the stigma, and ultimately demystifying cancer are the goals that inspire this year’s theme – I Am And I Will. In the spirit of demystifying cancer, here […]

Alert: Gastro-enteritis Outbreak In Lagos

Alert: Gastro-enteritis Outbreak In Lagos In the first week of November, the Lagos state government reported an outbreak of gastro-enteritis in the state. This is some information on the disease. Gastro-enteritis is a condition that is primarily spread by eating or drinking anything that is contaminated by the organism that causes this condition. When a […]

Can Cold Weather Make You Ill?

Can Cold Weather Make You Ill? Many people associate cold weather with the common cold but while it can be tough on your health, the weather is not directly responsible for making one sick. Rhinoviruses, the viruses that cause more than half of all colds, spread more easily in lower temperatures, and exposure to cold […]

Breaking Down Health Insurance Terms For Nigeria

The vast majority of Nigerians are only just coming across health insurance for the first time and it often seems so hard to understand what exactly a plan does for you. This is partly because of the unfamiliar words used in the industry, we break down some of these in very simple terms. Insurance plans […]

Hygeia HMO Is Nigeria’s HMO Brand Of The Year

Hygeia HMO has been announced as the 2018 winner of the HMO Brand of the Year Award by the Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria. According to the Institute, the award was earned by Hygeia HMO for the significant improvement in market affinity and awareness of the Hygeia brand. “As brand practitioners ourselves, we were […]

L&D Strategies That Always Win The CEOs Support

Learning & Development is a vital function for any business whose priority is its people. It is after all the people in a business who drive business success. Our CEO, Obinnia Abajue, recently spoke on a panel at the Learning & Development Leaders Conference on the topic: Learning Strategies That Always Win The CEO’s Support. […]

Breaking Down Typhoid Fever – Symptoms, Prevention And Diagnosis

wash your hands thoroughly

Did you know that in 1884, railroad magnate and former California Governor Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford, lost their only child to typhoid fever? As a memorial and as a way to educate more children, they built the institution that is now the prestigious Stanford University. Typhoid Fever is a life-threatening infection caused […]