Health Insurance and Tomatoes

a scale with tomatoes on one side and insurance-related symbols (like a dollar sign or insurance card) on the other side

I was reflecting on the nature of some of the engagements I have had regarding buying health insurance in Nigeria, and I ended up just likening it to the market trip we may all have made to buy tomatoes. Yes, Tomatoes!!  Tomatoes in Supermarket You know that when you shop in the supermarket, you have a good sense of the quality […]

Nigeria: Escaping the Health-Poverty Trap

I was recently forced to acknowledge again that people believe what they are told repeatedly especially when that is all that they hear. Narratives are powerful tools to condition a society.  This is relevant to our healthcare journey as a country. Often, the narrative is on how the government is not doing enough and is […]

Breaking Down Health Insurance Terms For Nigeria

The vast majority of Nigerians are only just coming across health insurance for the first time and it often seems so hard to understand what exactly a plan does for you. This is partly because of the unfamiliar words used in the industry, we break down some of these in very simple terms. Insurance plans […]