Meet The Top Rated Hospitals Q4 2020

Bethel Dental Clinic, Abuja [CSAT: 87%] Trust Charitos Hospital, Abuja [CSAT: 81%] Deda Hospital [CSAT: 79%] The last quarter of the year comes with a flurry of activities. Everyone wants to get in shape for the holidays. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Q4 of 2020 was no different in the race to prepare for the […]

How Hygeia HMO Uses Technology & Data To Improve Your Health By Obinnia Abajue

The practice of providing managed care to enrollees goes beyond access to premium health services. At Hygeia HMO, it also involves active surveillance of health trends to ensure that our services are addressing both curation and prevention so that we are able to help prevent serious illness in addition to supporting the management/treatment if it […]