The Greener the Better

Growing up, some of us always associated green vegetables with bitterness; the greener it was the more we didn’t like it. Though some vegetables are actually bitter to taste, it doesn’t reduce how useful they are to our bodies. Fast forward to today, all evidence points to how important they are and how useful and critical they are to a Healthy life.
Green vegetables are so powerful that they can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer, make you look younger, strengthen your bones and in some cases lengthen your lifespan.
Benefits of Green Vegetables
They are powerful antioxidants (especially broccoli and spinach) they protect the body from toxins both in the environment and other foods we eat. The antioxidants in greens help neutralize the body and clear out toxins.
Green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, a green pigment that also acts as a detoxification agent in the body.  It also happens to be a natural deodorizer that can aid with bad breath, Who knew??? The darker the shade of green the more chlorophyll it’s got and the best way to get it, is from raw vegetables.
They are very rich in minerals and essential nutrients like: calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B, C, E, and K and they are all vital to your body’s health.
Greens contain many nutrients that help protect the immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria.
Dark, leafy greens (think spinach and kale) are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for all body functions and lowers bad cholesterol.
Vegetables, especially green ones, help alkalize the body, keeping your PH at a healthy, stable level.
Despite the wonderful benefits of vegetables note that taking vegetables alone without other food groups is not very healthy.
Instead try increasing the amount of green vegetables you take in your meals.

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