Unusual Tips To Boost Your Health

This post is a little unusual and that is what makes it so good. What you will read here are more like ‘life hacks’ than anything else, we think you will find some of it surprising yet true. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments:

  • Sleep on your left side: Sleeping on your left side may improve blood flow to your organs helping your spleen and intestines work more efficiently. Heartburn sufferers can also benefit immensely from this tip, several studies show that it reduces heart burn because it keeps the junction between the stomach and the oesophagus above the level of gastric acid.


  • Don’t brush after eating: Now you may have heard that you should brush your teeth after every meal but hold that thought.Acidic food or drinks, even healthy food, can soften your tooth enamel & raise the risk of tooth damage with brushing. So, wait for 30-60 minutes after a meal before brushing your teeth.


  • Sitting correctly at a computer: Sitting poorly at a computer can leave you with all sorts of aches and pains and poor posture is a big part of the problem. Bet you’re already adjusting yourself while reading this so do this instead:

Raise the height of your chair and move your monitor to exactly the height of your face, that way you won’t strain your neck looking down.

  • Loosen your tie: A study showed that a tight necktie can cause an increase in the pressure in the eye, one of the leading risk factors of glaucoma. So, loosen up that tie.


  • Get a pet: Studies have shown that having a pet lowers blood pressure and can even reduce the risk of depression.Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety and ease loneliness. They encourage exercise and playfulness and so improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for a dog can also help children grow up more secure and active or provide valuable companionship for older adults.


  • Play a musical instrument: Even if you’re not a maestro, playing an instrument has many benefits. It improves hand-eye coordination and can increase your IQ by 7 points. Children and adults can reap these benefits as adults who play instruments also have lower blood pressure.


  • Pucker up: Assuming no one has mono…kissing can be a very healthy activity.The extra saliva can help break down oral plaque, reducing the risk of cavities and other dental problems. Just don’t give up your tooth brush because brushing is still a better way of cleaning teeth. Kissing can even help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Who knew it would be a good way to kiss the extra calories goodbye?


  • Wash your washing machine: Numerous studies have shown that washing machines are filled to the brim with bacteria that can get on newly washed clothes then onto your body. Specialists say “one load of underwear contains more than 100 million E-coli germs plus Hepatitis A virus, Rotavirus, Salmonella and others” and they could all be rolling around in this device. Slow down though, we’re not saying throw out your washing machine. Just clean your machine regularly by letting it go through one full wash cycle without anything in it, just water, soap and bleach. Drying your clothes out in the sun is useful as well, the UV rays kill the bacteria as effectively as bleaching chemicals do.

Are any of these tips new to you? Share with us if you have any others!

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