Feeling Low In The Afternoons? Here’s How To Energize Your Day Healthfully

It’s the afternoon and you can just feel your energy draining away at work. You yawn and look at the time but it’s still another 3 hours before you can legitimately clock-off from work. Sigh, this afternoon slump happens every day. Feeling sluggish and dragging yourself through every afternoon is probably a sign that you […]

A Simple Guide To Breaking A Fast The Healthy Way

You have been on a fast for weeks and are looking forward to eating regularly again. Take it easy. Whether your fast was a religious one or you were just skipping meals to get that ‘summer body’, you should be careful to not overburden your digestive system. Getting back to a more regular meal routine […]

8 Health Tips As The 2018 World Cup Starts

You have that Naija jersey locked down and your anticipation is high! Yay, it’s the World Cup! This is a lot of excitement and for a while we forget our troubles and differences, football brings everyone together like only few things can. The World Cup 2018 holds from June 14 through July 15 in Russia […]

Do You Really Have Typhoid Fever?

“They say I have Typhoid fever again”, Funmi moaned to her sister on the phone, staring at the test results. “How many times will I have typhoid this year alone na? And I took all the drugs the last time oh” Typhoid fever or enteric fever to the more technically inclined is one of the […]

Tips To Stay Healthy During The Rainy Season

The rainy season is here with the cooler temperatures and humidity that comes with it. “Cuddle season” unfortunately also comes a host of infections, so here are some tips to keep you in tip top health. Get enough good sleep at night Several studies claim that people who sleep less than seven hours a day […]