Hygeia HMO Is Nigeria’s HMO Brand Of The Year

Hygeia HMO has been announced as the 2018 winner of the HMO Brand of the Year Award by the Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria. According to the Institute, the award was earned by Hygeia HMO for the significant improvement in market affinity and awareness of the Hygeia brand. “As brand practitioners ourselves, we were […]

Are your fruits naturally ripe?

Fruits are an invaluable part of every diet and you should have as many fruits as you can. There is a lot of demand for fruits in Nigeria and this means that the business of selling fruits can be quite lucrative. To get even more profit quickly, some fruit vendors now use a chemical called […]

The Insidious Light of Your Phones

Smartphones have dramatically changed how we live. From how we work, how we communicate to how we play, smartphones are incredibly useful, but could they be causing us harm? Smartphone screens – like those on laptops, tablets and televisions emit blue light, which is the type of light that the brain interprets as daylight. Your […]

How Can You Find Your Best Possible Self?

“Possible selves are the ideal selves that we would very much like to become. They are also the selves we…are afraid of becoming. The possible selves…might include the successful self, creative self, rich self, thin self or the loved and admired self-whereas, the dreaded possible selves could be the alone self, depressed self, incompetent self, […]

Be Careful: Lassa Fever Resurfaces In Nigeria

Be Careful: Lassa Fever Resurfaces In Nigeria Update for January 2020:  The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has declared an outbreak of Lassa Fever in seven states with 14 deaths confirmed so far in 2020. Edo, Ondo and Ebonyi states appear to have the majority of the 82 confirmed infections recorded so far. The […]

The Many Health Benefits Of Coconuts

The Many Health Benefits Of Coconuts How do you eat coconuts? As juicy accompaniment to roasted corn? With garri, in coconut rice or just by itself? In the past few years, coconut products have beenhyped everywhere –from coconut water to coconut oil, bread and coconut candies. Coconuts are packed with lauric acid, potassium, cytokinin and […]

World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Breastfeeding World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every August to encourage breast feeding and improve the health of babies around the world. The theme this year is “Breastfeeding: Foundation for life” – a recognition of the importance of breastfeeding to a baby’s future. In Nigeria, 86% of infants do not get exclusively breastfed in the first […]

Are You Eating Too Much Rice?

By Ameze Obaseki It is Monday and because your Sunday rice and stew was so good and you made so much, of course you’ll have it again for breakfast today. During your lunch break at work, you find out there is only Jollof and coconut rice available at the canteen so you settle for the […]

The Patients’ Bill Of Rights

The Consumer Protection Council has introduced the Patients’ Bill of Right (PBOR) to set acceptable standards for health services delivery. As an Hygeian, your optimum satisfaction is our focus and we are delighted to be able to share these rights with you: Right to relevant information This is to ensure that you understand any diagnosis, […]