Nigeria: Escaping the Health-Poverty Trap

I was recently forced to acknowledge again that people believe what they are told repeatedly especially when that is all that they hear. Narratives are powerful tools to condition a society.  This is relevant to our healthcare journey as a country. Often, the narrative is on how the government is not doing enough and is […]

Health Stories With Hygeia HMO– Liver Struggles

Health Stories With Hygeia HMO explores the health struggles of everyday Nigerians. We’ll share these stories regularly – they will be tragic sometimes but will always be educative. By Okonkwor Oyor C. To mark this year’s World Hepatitis Day, we spoke to a doctor living with hepatitis and she shared her experiences as both doctor and patient […]

Finding The Missing Millions

(The A to Z of Hepatitis)  1 in 22 people has hepatitis globally.  Viral hepatitis is an infectious disease that affects about 325 million people globally. It causes acute and chronic liver disease and increases your risk of developing liver cancer. According to the CDC, while the global deaths from tuberculosis and HIV are on […]

How close to poverty are you?

You probably know someone that has gone broke because of medical expenses. Ever wondered how safe you are from this?  Take this quiz to find out.  [wp_quiz id=”19730″] You are at risk of becoming poor due to medical expenses. Buy a health plan now to reduce this risk! Plans start from N29,000 for a full year’s cover. Buy here  By Dr. […]

Why Your Medicine May Not Be Working

So you’ve seen the doctor – by telemedicine or in person – because of some health concerns and she prescribed some medication for you to take. Maybe it was for your allergy, ulcer or cold, whatever it is, you’ve taken the drugs but you aren’t feeling better.  Here are some things you may be doing wrongly:  Poor Schedule Adherence  Sometimes, the things we overlook […]

Meet The Top Three Rated Hospitals In Nigeria For Q2 2020

Lagos, Nigeria. – The latest quarterly list of the top hospitals in Nigeria ranked by Hygeia HMO enrollees has been released. Throughout Q2 2020, Nigerians and the rest of the world fought the COVID19 pandemic and got locked down for several weeks. This public health emergency stretched the capacities of healthcare systems and saw many […]

Health Tips For The Rainy Season

Health Tips For The Rainy Season You are probably reading this while it is raining. If yes, I advise that you get a hot cup of tea or coffee and cuddle with the words of the article. The rains are here, and while we love the lower temperatures and fresher air, the truth is that […]

How To Deal With Stress In An Uncertain World

Do you find yourself losing your cool more frequently? Or maybe you are adding weight that you cannot explain? There are many ways stress announces its presence in our lives and regardless of how it presents, there is a common consensus: too much of it is harmful. With the prevalent anxiety and uncertainty in the […]

How Hygeia HMO Uses Technology & Data To Improve Your Health By Obinnia Abajue

The practice of providing managed care to enrollees goes beyond access to premium health services. At Hygeia HMO, it also involves active surveillance of health trends to ensure that our services are addressing both curation and prevention so that we are able to help prevent serious illness in addition to supporting the management/treatment if it […]