Why HIV/AIDS Is Your Business Too

When the Human Immunodeficiency Virus was discovered, it was deadly. However, years of consistent research has paid off, and HIV is no longer a death sentence. We have learned how to manage it effectively such that people living with HIV & AIDS now live long, fulfilling lives. They go on to have children, and those […]

How To Overcome Loneliness

“Lonely I am so lonely I have nobody On my own” If you sang those words in your head and probably sighed with some nostalgia, you are in good company. Lonely by Akon was a hit in the early 2000s, and singing it now probably evokes some nostalgia in you. Nostalgia is an emotion that […]

The Nurse & Diabetes (In Honour of World Diabetes Day 2020)

The Nurse & Diabetes (In Honour of World Diabetes Day 2020) An estimated 8 million Nigerians live with Diabetes, according to the WHO Nigeria Country profile report.. People with chronic illnesses like diabetes often require extensive health education about their condition and practical tips on ways they can modify their lifestyle to slow down the […]

Yellow Fever Advisory

Dear Enrollee, How are you doing? There is a suspected outbreak of Yellow Fever in Delta and Enugu states that has claimed more than 70 lives according to news reports. In this article, we have put together ways for you to stay safe during this period. Yellow Fever is a serious flu-like disease that is […]

Meet The Top Three Rated Hospitals For Q3 2020

Every quarter, Hygeia HMO, Nigeria’s foremost HMO, releases a list of the top three rated hospitals in Nigeria. This list is determined by direct feedback from our enrollees all over the country, and it is representative of what consumers of health services in Nigeria value. Indeed, health facilities are operating in interesting times as we […]

How To Maintain Your Peace While Working From Home

You may be wondering if working from home is truly a blessing. You may be struggling with managing the home front and delivering effectively at work. Separating your work life from your family life is indeed harder when you are working from home. Nonetheless, you can do it. You definitely need to put other measures […]