I Spoke To Kidney – “Drink water, problem no dey finish”

This week, in commemoration of World Kidney Day, I spoke to Kidney about his job. He told me how he sees his job as baby sitting human beings, his relationship with Liver, hatred of salt, and fear of Hypertension. There’s something for people that like mixing creams as well. Hi Kidney, it’s so nice to […]

Meet The Top Rated Hospitals For Q1, 2021

Our enrollees have picked 3 hospitals as the most outstanding for Q1, 2021. It is always a great feat to make this list. It is even more amazing when a hospital makes the list more than once. The top-rated providers for Q1 have been on this list before. St. Catherine’s Specialist Hospital – Abuja, with Deda Hospital and Bethel […]

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  HyBasic HyPrime HyPrime Plus Pricing per annum  ₦29,000  ₦69,180 ₦385,500 Total benefits per annum  ₦830,000  ₦1.3 million ₦1.8 million General consultation  Available  Available Covered Minor Surgeries ₦150,000 ₦200,000  ₦250,000 Intermediate Surgeries  N/A  N/A Diagnostics and Imaging  Covered  Covered Covered Accommodation for In-patient care  15 days  15 days 20 days Physiotherapy  N/A  N20,000 limit ₦40,000 […]