The benefits of hand washing in disease prevention

Handwashing is the simple act of cleaning one’s hands with soap and water to remove gems, viruses, bacteria, and/or microorganisms, including dirt and other potentially harmful substances adhered to the hands. This is so important because it helps to prevent not just only the occurrence of preventable disease conditions, but also the spread of these […]


In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, be seen, and be heard, it becomes very important to always put your best foot forward at every given time and space. It starts with taking care of yourself, prioritizing your basic needs and outlook, to representing what you stand for at every level. That […]

Setting healthy goals for the New Year

Understanding the need to prioritize your health is crucial to making the most of the New Year. This past year must have come with its challenges and trials, both physical and emotional. However, if you must lead a healthier lifestyle and well-being, you must set smart, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals and objectives for your […]