Share Affection, Not Infection

A softly lit living room with a crackling fireplace, a comfortable couch adorned with cozy blankets, and a steaming cup of tea resting on a side table. The scene invites readers to settle in and feel at ease. It spells affection

Hey, it’s love season! Individuals around the world set aside Valentine’s Day to express love in all of its forms. Whether you’re single, married, entangled, separated, or divorced, I bet there’s someone with whom you desire to express love and show affection. The affection We can confidently state that Valentine’s Day isn’t just a celebration […]


A man standing in front of a shattered mirror, reflecting the stigma and challenges associated with infertility. Overlay the broken glass with words like 'stigma,' and 'silence'

Infertility plagues millions of people worldwide with negative impacts on family dynamics and society at large. Infertility in men is a complex disease condition that can be traced to various causes and complications. 50% is attributed to the male factor and can be associated with various causes. The goal of treatment is to identify the […]