The life of an average woman of childbearing age comprises many events, some expected, while others are largely inexplicable. These conditions and events often pose a strain on the mental health of such a woman; and not to mention the various physiological changes experienced throughout her circle of life. Amenorrhea, among other conditions, can be […]


A black woman with eczema on her skin wiping her face with a white towel by freepik.com

There are a few reasons why you are encouraged to take a bath at least twice a day but eczema is not one of them. You may want to object with the long-standing narrative that eczema is caused by poor personal hygiene. However, that belief is a thousand miles farther from the truth. Let’s start […]


oysters in a bowl of ice with a lemon slice in the middle with the text Dangers of aphrodisiacs from freepik.com

Aphrodisiacs, an alluring topic for centuries, captured human imagination with promises of enhanced desire, passion, and sexual performance. From oysters and chocolate to exotic herbs and even mystical rituals, aphrodisiacs have played a prominent role in human culture and customs. But what’s the truth behind these reputed love-enhancing substances? Aphrodisiacs (Myths vs. Facts) Oysters they […]