Generic vs Branded Drugs

Have you ever heard the expression used in medical facilities generic drugs and wondered what it meant? This article will throw some light on this subject. The research and development of a new antibiotic from when it is first imagined to when it is administered post-approval goes through the following process; i. Preclinical Testing: (3.5 […]

World Aids Day.

The messaging we used to have was that “…E no dey show for Face…” and that was back when an HIV diagnosis was a life sentence. Then, every case of HIV ended up as AIDS and eventual death. People with HIV actually died from secondary infections like tuberculosis and other opportunistic infections which happen because […]

How are you? No, really?

Have you had mornings when you wake up and are just “off”? You’re not ill or hungry, not really sad and the job is well… the job. Your family and friends are fine too. You’re not having any problems sleeping too but you feel tired and a good way to describe it may be ”my […]

Wash that fruit!

“Doctor thank you for what you said the last time you came here! “ One enrollee said with sincere appreciation when I visited their office this week. I was still running a search in my head to place the face, when he went on and explained that he was the one who spoke to me […]

Top Rated Provider Q2, 2021

The Limi Hospitals The Limi Hospitals’ system was founded in 1982 and has grown to be one of the largest wholly private referral centres with three service centres, over four hundred staff, over a hundred beds across about nineteen specialties and subspecialties in Medicine. The Limi hospital is a multi-specialty, multicentre, hospital group with three […]

Health Insurance and Tomatoes – by Obinnia Abajue

I was reflecting on the nature of some of the engagements I have had regarding buying health insurance in Nigeria and I ended up just likening it to the market trip we may all have made to buy tomatoes. Yes – Tomatoes!!  You know that when you shop in the supermarket, you have a good sense of the quality you will […]

I Spoke To Kidney – “Drink water, problem no dey finish”

A black woman sitting down in a living room talking to a kidney with legs. Both sitting down on the sofa holding a bottle of water. Let the kidney be smiling and holding a bottle of water too.

I spoke to Kidney about his job. He told me how he sees his job as babysitting human beings, his relationship with Liver, hatred of salt, and fear of Hypertension. There’s something for people that like mixing creams as well. Hi Kidney, it’s so nice to have you today. Kidney: The pleasure is mine. Sorry, […]

Ending Tuberculosis In Nigeria: The Clock Is Ticking

Three. That’s the number of people the backseat of a keke can take. It’s also the number of people that die every minute from Tuberculosis. What is Tuberculosis (TB)? Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that affects mainly the lungs. It can also affect the abdomen, spine, or heart. It is an infectious disease that spreads through […]

Fitness Tips While Working From Home

Working from home can be amazing. No more rush hour traffic, the stress of your daily commute is gone, and best of all, you get to answer calls from your favorite couch. It is amazing! But, there’s a downside to this. Working from home makes you less physically active.[bctt tweet=”Working from home makes you less […]