Eating Right While Working From Home

Do you find yourself snacking on unhealthy food while working from home?

Or maybe you are eating a lot, barely getting any exercise, and getting rounder in the middle.

All over the world, many workers are struggling with their eating habits while working remotely. You probably miss lunch breaks and the interesting conversations with your colleagues. Maybe you don’t like making your own meals, or you barely find time to do so.

Whatever the problem may be, you are just in luck because we have some valuable tips for you.

  • Eat Healthy Snacks

It is very tempting to snack on literally anything while working at home. Unhealthy snacks are often pre-made & easy to eat. Some examples are pastries, biscuits, cakes, and plantain or potato chips. You’ve probably been eating them a lot more since you started working from home.

It is healthier to snack on nuts and dried fruits. Snack on (not more than 3 portions), but snack right. Some healthy snacks to indulge in are boiled corn and native pear, cashew nuts, tiger nuts, coconut as well.

  • Prepare a work schedule.

You may find yourself skipping meals and making up with energy drinks and processed food. Unlike the traditional work setting where there’s a period set aside for food, remote work often lacks such structure.

Draw up a work schedule that should include your break period and mealtime. You should set it up to ensure that you get 3 square meals!

Don’t forget to prepare your meals instead of eating ready-made meal-packs. This way, you can control what you consume, and this is great for your wellness.

  • Resist the urge to eat during every break

Most of us tend to overeat while working from home for various reasons. For some, it is a way of coping with stress for others, there is just a lot of food lying around.

Curb this habit to avoid eating too many calories and gaining unwanted weight. A simple way to do this is to avoid eating during every break. Eat only at apportioned times, and control your portions too.

  • Eat without any distractions

Eat away from your desk! It is quite simple. You may think that eating at your desk is not bad. Well, it is. Eating at your workstation makes for a poorly enjoyed meal. The notification beeps, the emails coming in, and the sight of more work may prevent you from eating well.

The work isn’t going anywhere and the 15 to 30 minutes meal break won’t stop you from being productive. Remember that habits are hard to break, and if you form the habit of eating while trying to work, you may find it difficult to stop later.

  • Drink Water (Not Caffeine Or Fizzy Drinks)

Water is the safest and healthiest drink for you. You can spice it up with any fruit of your choice. Lemon is a popular choice. Avoid carbonated drinks, because they don’t do the job of quenching your thirst the way water does.

For variety, you can also drink tea or freshly prepared juice.

Easy on the caffeine too.

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