How To Not Catch Apollo, Mumps And The Flu

Hygeia HMO apollo

We’re still smack in the rainy season but the approach of the dry season is inevitable. The Nigerian dry season also usually comes with the Harmattan spreading rapidly from the Sahara desert.

This season is also usually associated with outbreaks of mumps also known as segede,conjunctivitis or Apollo as well as flu episodes.

Children in school and at play are the most vulnerable but adults also fall prey to these conditions. This is even more important if you work in an open office, take public transport or generally come in contact with a lot of people in the course of your day.

To improve your immunity and ward off infections before they get to you, the following steps are useful:

  • Make sure your children and wards constantly wash their hands especially when they return from school
  • Increase you and the child’s water intake. Drink a minimum of 2 litres daily
  • Deworm the children and yourself if you have not done so yet
  • Increase the intake of greens and vegetables in your meals
  • Eat appropriately but moderately
  • Reduce how much junk food and carbonated drinks you consume
  • Dress children warmly to suit the weather
  • If a child does fall sick, do not send the child to school or otherwise expose them and run the risk of infecting others.


Stay Strong!

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