Safety Tips For This Election Season

Elections are always  interesting and charged anywhere in the world. This is also true for us in Nigeria. So we’ve got your back to help you sail through this election season like a pro.

Drink lots of water: Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again before you go out to vote. In fact have a nice supply of cool water with you as you go to vote. You might have to queue for a while, so water can help keep you fresh and spry.

Monitor your blood pressure: Whatever happens after the votes are counted, you should aim to be as calm as possible. Whoever wins, life goes on so being consciously controlling your reactions can help keep your blood pressure intact. Also, avoid possible post-election protests.

Be security conscious: Avoid moving through areas reputed for violence, especially at night. A series of reports on outbreaks of election related violence have emerged so take security measures seriously.

Know the correct polling unit: Knowing your correct polling unit you want to avoid excessive wandering around during the voting time.

Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes. Voting may take a while

Do not wear anything with political insignia

Don’t move around with a lot of cash

Ensure your phone is fully charged and take a power bank

Prepare an emergency contact number. Should be a family member or medical personnel

Do not take children to the polling booth

Decline gifts of any kind at the polling station

Avoid engaging in heated and volatile discussions at the polling booth.

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