Simple Self-Care Rituals To Improve Your Life

We live in a fast paced busy world, hardly stopping to take a deep breath and appreciate what we have.

It is a reality now that me-time is not a luxury, it is a necessity. We must all unapologetically clear space on our schedules for more unplugged activities.

Think of it this way, when on a plane the safety instructions ask you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. This is because taking care of yourself first leaves you better equipped to support your family and community.

Some people say“self-care is an exercise for the rich”, the truth is self-care keep your body and mind energized and this is something everyone can have.


  • Go to bed at the same time every night to get good sleep and let your body adjust to a nice rhythm
  • Eat wholesome and healthy foods to keep your mind and body energized
  • Take on a hobby e.g. keeping a diary, running, reading fiction etc. to offer a refreshing change from your usual day
  • If you have a bathtub, enjoy a good soak for a break from constant stimulation of technology. Also helps you sleep really well
  • Savour tea or coffee time; try it in the morning for a nice start to the day
  • Walk around your street on evenings and weekends. Step outside, breathe deep and notice the details that surround you
  • Breathe! Next time you’re feeling stressed, pay attention to whether you are holding your breath. Do you often find yourself holding your breath throughout the day? Then stop and BREATHE. Controlled breathing helps you relax, de-stress and increase mindfulness
  • Sometimes, just wake up and get dressed, even if you’re not going out. Dress each day like you have a special appointment. This simple practice increases productivity and an overall happier mood, compliments are an added bonus J
  • When you wake up, give thanks for the new day and decide how you want to feel for the day. Do you want to be peaceful, joyful, and confident? Create those feelings throughout the day.
  • Self-care is growing as a concept to be healthier because these practices are crucial for finding peace of mind and the fortitude to fight back in uncertain times – something that everyone needs right now.

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