The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

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It is not uncommon to find ginger lurking around somewhere in a typical kitchen. Ginger is part of the Zingiberaceae family, just like cardamom and turmeric. This Rhizome has won its way to the hearts of many because of its amazing health benefits. Even several consumer goods manufacturers have found a way to introduce ginger into their product variance which is why we have products like ginger teas, ginger biscuits, ginger juices, smoothies, to mention a few.
So what makes ginger so awesome? According to recent research, here are some of the health benefits of ginger.
Helps Calm Nausea and Vomiting: Studies have shown that ginger is very effective in calming nausea and vomiting. Research has also confirmed it is also effective in curbing motion induced nausea and morning sickness and severe nausea from pregnancy. This means that eating whole ginger or drinking fresh ginger juice will go a long way in reducing nausea and vomiting.
Protection of Digestive Tract: Ginger is also very useful for constipation, bloating, and other digestive related complaints. In addition to these gastro-protective effects, researchers have found ginger to be effective for stress related ulcers.
Migraine Relief: According to research, ginger has been proven to reduce migraine. During a clinical trial, 100 patients who were migraine sufferers were given ginger powder. The results showed the ginger powder helped reduce migraine related discomfort without side effects.
Relieves congestion and cold: Ginger juice has tremendous antibacterial properties. Consuming ginger with dried pepper can help eliminate mucous and congestion in the lungs. To cure cold, mix equal quantities of ginger juice and honey and drink it warm at least two to three times in a day. Drinking plain ginger juice can also help in clearing a sore throat.
Supports Stable Blood Sugar: Ginger has a blood sugar balancing effect. It acts on insulin release and sensitivity, and supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. A study showed that insulin levels are significantly lowered with ginger supplementation. Ginger has also proven powerful protective effects against diabetic kidney, eye and liver complications.
Pain Reliever: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that enables it relieve pain. For back pain, a spoonful of ginger juice mixed with some olive oil, and massaged over the skin overnight will give some relief by morning. It can also help in curing a toothache. For a toothache, it is best to keep a small piece of ginger between you cheek and tooth and let the natural juices do the work.
Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure: Thai medical practitioners have traditionally used herbs such as ginger to promote healthy blood pressure. Extracts from ginger and other herbs used in Thai therapeutic recipes were evaluated for their efficacy against hypertension. The ginger extract was the most effective.
For some people, ginger might be too strong to be consumed whole but there are other ways to consume it by grating it into your tea, juicing it or mixing it with other natural ingredients such as honey.
There are many other great benefits of ginger. Be sure to consult a doctor if in doubt about if to take ginger or not for certain conditions.

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