The Many Health Benefits Of Coconuts

The Many Health Benefits Of Coconuts

How do you eat coconuts? As juicy accompaniment to roasted corn? With garri, in coconut rice or just by itself?

In the past few years, coconut products have beenhyped everywhere –from coconut water to coconut oil, bread and coconut candies. Coconuts are packed with lauric acid, potassium, cytokinin and electrolytes to help slow down aging, improve metabolism, and enhance immunity.

Here are a few other things you might not know about the excellent coconut

  • Great for hydration: Coconut water is more effective at hydrating the human body than most sports and energy drinks. It also has the being much healthier and cheaper with the essential electrolytes to keep you going. By staying hydrated, we easily flush out toxins and stay energized.
  • Allergy-safe: The coconut is technically not really a nut so it should be safe for people with nut allergies. It is also a great vegan option and so safe for people with allergies to dairy or soy milk.
  • Improves digestion: Coconut water also helps facilitate and improve digestion. This helps to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals for optimal energy and illness prevention.
  • Defensive properties: Coconut oil has properties which have the ability to protect you from harmful microbes like fungus, bacteria, some viruses and yeast.
  • It can curb sugar craving: Because coconuts have medium-chain fatty acids, or medium chain trigycerides (MCTs). The body sendsthem straight to your liver to use as energy and unlike sugar or carbohydrates, it does not cause an insulin spike in your blood stream, saving you from a blood sugar slump.
  • Good for high temperature cooking: With its high smoke point, coconut oil is less likely to oxidize at high temperatures like olive oil and palm oil.

So break out a coconut or two and enjoy some healthful goodness!


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