A black person working at a desk with the perfect ergonomic setup, including proper chair height, monitor level, and keyboard placement, enjoying their work maintaining ergonomics

It’s a multidisciplinary study that factors in appropriate physical, mental, and organizational processes to ensure that the workplace is fit for an individual. Improving ergonomics in the workplace has been proven to have multiple benefits like boosting productivity, reducing cost, improving quality, improving workplace satisfaction, and creating an overall safe and healthy workplace. Case A […]

How are you? No, really?

Have you had mornings when you wake up and are just “off”? You’re not ill or hungry, not really sad and the job is well… the job. Your family and friends are fine too. You’re not having any problems sleeping too but you feel tired and a good way to describe it may be ”my […]

Wash that fruit!

“Doctor thank you for what you said the last time you came here! “ One enrollee said with sincere appreciation when I visited their office this week. I was still running a search in my head to place the face, when he went on and explained that he was the one who spoke to me […]

Does This Malaria Vaccine Mark The Beginning Of A Malaria Free World?

I came across the most exciting piece of news recently while scrolling through my newsfeed on social media. It was about a new vaccine that can help prevent Malaria. Can you imagine that? Simply put, you and your loved ones may no longer have to contend with Malaria, once you take the vaccine. This is […]

How To Protect Yourself From Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

According to Bloomberg, office hours have increased by about 3 hours on average since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic forced many companies to adopt a work -from -home policy which has its own share of pros and cons. Before now, the average office worker spent about 1,700 hours annually in front of […]

Fitness Tips While Working From Home

Working from home can be amazing. No more rush hour traffic, the stress of your daily commute is gone, and best of all, you get to answer calls from your favorite couch. It is amazing! But, there’s a downside to this. Working from home makes you less physically active.[bctt tweet=”Working from home makes you less […]

Are You Happy?

4/December/2020 Hi You, December is here. November was a hectic month for me. How was it for you? There’s this fantastic book I read some time ago, ‘The Book Of Joy’. It was written by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I find myself thinking about the book from time to time, especially when things are tough. […]

Here’s Why You Should Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

In Nigeria, official numbers show that 149,000 people have been confirmed infected, and almost 1,800 have died. Some of the dead passed on in distant, sterile hospital rooms, separated from their loved ones, by an illness humanity has never experienced before. This disease has taken lives, crashed businesses, and collapsed economies. How do you fight […]

Does Your Vagina Fart During Sex?

Have you ever let one rip while tumbling under the duvet? You were probably embarrassed and laughed it off nervously while praying that the smell would not kill your partner. The good news is that you did not fart during sex. What happened is that your vagina had some air in it that you let […]

Webinar On Mental Health: Developing Resilience & Staying Fit

Our webinar on Mental Health held on the 17th of October, 2020.  The webinar was in tune with the demands of the time, with a lot of people facing various degrees of mental stressors due to recent events.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide protests amongst other happenings in people’s private lives made it necessary for […]