Health Plans

Which health care providers does Hygeia HMO have?
Our network has healthcare professionals that provide a wide variety of services. From primary care providers like general practitioners (GPs) to secondary care specialists like dentists, physiotherapists, paediatricians, ophthalmologists and E.N.T practitioners etc. Some providers may provide both primary and secondary care services.

It is unlikely that you will experience a delay because you’re an Hygeia HMO enrolee. Most hospital visits are for primary care procedures and consultations that do not need authorisations from us to be provided. We call these “No-Auths”.

Some secondary care procedures do need pre-authorization by the hospitals. This ‘Pre-Auth’ is to ensure that your plan covers all aspects of the treatment you need. The hospital will ask us for this authorization through our superfast HyDirect platform or by a call or an email. This process should take less than 10 minutes so please let us know if you stay longer. Please text DELAY on WhatsApp to 0701 348 7432 to let us know.

You have told us that you like choice so enrolees to our small business, personal and family plans get the advantage of roaming across our network by default. This way, you don’t need to be stuck with one hospital if you want a change. Just go to a new one in our network. Some plans do specify a particular hospital, especially our corporate plans. If your plan is one of these, just find a hospital close to you on our network and let us know.
If you already have a family plan, you will need to just update your form details. Send us an email hycare@hygeiahmo.com. If you have a plan through your employer, you can apply via your company’s HR department to add your partner or your children (including new-born children) as dependants on your membership.

Just look through the ‘Our Plans’ section of this website, pick a plan that works for your situation, note what’s covered and buy. That’s all! We will send you your registration details shortly afterwards.

This is the amount you pay in exchange for access to an agreed set of benefits for a fixed period of time. Premiums can differ because of the number of people to cover, the amount of coverage to be enjoyed or specific choice of hospitals.
No, It is only for some services that we pay the provider on a fee for service basis.

Hospital Networks

What happens if I travel outside the area of my chosen primary care provider and I need access to care?
You can go to any other Hygeia HMO hospital that your plan covers, anywhere in Nigeria. Just check the directory of hospitals in our network and pick the one closest to where you are. Please note the categories though, categories A & B hospitals are only available on select plans. In the unlikely event that there is no Hygeia HMO hospital where you are, go to any other hospital near you. You will have to pay out of pocket for this but can apply to us for a refund. Please ensure we are notified within 24 hours to optimise your care at that hospital.

You can always reach us 0700 HYGEIA HMO (0700 494342 466). You can also send us an email on hycare@hygeiahmo.com

Yes, you can! Just call our HyCare Service Center and we will pre-authorize you for access.
Yes, you do. You can use the electronic ID on the Hygeia HMO mobile app at any time to receive care. If you do not have a smartphone, please save your enrolee number in your phone book and request a Hygeia HMO identification card.

Absolutely, we are always at your service. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0700 494342 466 and hycare@hygeiahmo.com

This is possible, as long as the hospital is registered on our network.

Yes. If you are on a plan with designated hospitals, you will only need to fill out our change of hospital forms. Please call 0700 494342 466 or email hycare@hygeiahmo.com