Breaking The Silence On Drug Abuse

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Opioid overdoses have become a tragic and far-reaching crisis affecting individuals from all walks of life. These potent drugs, which include prescription pain relievers, synthetic opioids like fentanyl, and illicit substances like heroin, can cause a dangerous suppression of the central nervous system, leading to respiratory depression and, in many cases, death. To address this […]


Is it possible that you have been abusing/misusing drugs? When we hear “drug abuse”, we often think it is something that happens among a demographic that we are excluded from. It turns out, it is quite often closer to home than immediately appears. What is Drug Abuse? we will restrict the definition to what we […]

Why You Are In Danger Of Drug Abuse

When drug abuse is mentioned, you may immediately picture an unkempt person roaming the streets. Nigerian pop culture also perpetuates this image in movies and other forms of entertainment. A survey by the National Bureau of Statistics and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime revealed that 15 out of every 100 people in Nigeria […]

Codeine And Tramadol Abuse 101 For Parents: Signs To Look Out For

“Go on Mary, take a sip. You know you want to”. Her friends laugh as she shakes her head. “Hian, stop being so stiff jare” Joy scoffs at her, “you’re always forming sef”. “I don’t form”, Mary said, visibly hurt by the comment. Maybe just one sip then, she thought. It didn’t taste bad so […]