A child washing hands with colorful background to show handwashing

Handwashing is the simple act of cleaning one’s hands with soap and water to remove germs; viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc, including dirt and other potentially harmful substances adhered to the hands. This is so important because it helps to prevent not just only the occurrence of preventable disease conditions, but also the spread of these […]


a person standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a vast landscape that transitions from darkness to light, symbolizing the journey from despair to hope. The person could be surrounded by supportive symbols like outstretched hands, comforting words, and vibrant imagery representing life and renewal. The contrast between the darkness of despair and the brightness of hope would capture the essence of overcoming suicidE thoughts and finding a path towards healing and resilience.

It’s rare for anyone to celebrate a 20-year-old woman who admitted to being sexually molested by her supposed uncle. It’s even harder to hear her confession while she’s drowning in a sea of shame and guilt at the same time. The only way to rescue this 20-year-old girl is to bring out the bright side […]

Does This Malaria Vaccine Mark The Beginning Of A Malaria Free World?

I came across the most exciting piece of news recently while scrolling through my newsfeed on social media. It was about a new vaccine that can help prevent Malaria. Can you imagine that? Simply put, you and your loved ones may no longer have to contend with Malaria, once you take the vaccine. This is […]

How To Keep Your Child Safe As School Resumes

With schools resuming and many parents understandably apprehensive about keeping the children safe, we’ve curated some tips to help your child stay safe while in school. Here they are: Teach your child to observe basic hygiene Basic hygiene like handwashing with soap and water is highly effective in helping to curb the spread of the […]

5 Ways To Make Malaria History

A swampy background without overlay text on tips for malaria prevention

It is the rainy season again, and while we love the coolness that comes with rainfall, it causes an increase in the incidence of a familiar foe, malaria. It can be really upsetting, slapping yourself while asleep, only to wake up with a palm smeared in blood. Worse still, when fever, fatigue, joint pain, and […]