Telemedicine 101 For You – Dos & Don’ts When Talking To A Doctor Virtually

Telemedicine is the provision of health services through the use of telecommunication platforms; this means that the patient and the healthcare worker are not physically present with each other. With the advent of the global pandemic, telemedicine has become a popular means of accessing health services. In keeping with our culture of ensuring that you get the best whenever you choose to access quality healthcare through any of our health plans, we have put together the dos and don’ts of telemedicine.

Here are some things you should DO

Keep a health diary

You should keep a diary of your symptoms, noting when they first started, what time of the day they occur, what makes them worse or better, and how long they last. Clues like this can go a long way in helping your healthcare professional make an accurate diagnosis. Also, if you have a chronic illness, it is a useful way of tracking your health.

Write Your Questions

You should write down the questions you have for your doctor before your telemedicine session. This will help you ensure that you bring up all the worries you have about your health with your doctor.

Take Pictures

Since your healthcare professional cannot be with you in person, pictures of rashes or parts of your body that are aching such as your knees will be helpful in guiding your healthcare worker’s management plan.

Check Your Vitals

If you have a blood pressure device at home, you should check your blood pressure before your appointment. Also, a thermometer will come in handy for checking your temperature whenever you have a fever.

Look For A Quiet Space

Medical consultations are often private events, so you should look for a quiet space at home when having your consultations. This will create an enabling environment for you to speak freely.

Book a telemedicine appointment

When you have a drug refill, or you are on a vacation. Don’t ignore your health because you are in a place that is far from your preferred hospital. With our Telemedicine plan, you can talk to a doctor wherever you are in the world.

Here are some things you should NOT DO

Don’t conceal Information During Your Session

You should tell the healthcare professional every detail you remember pertaining to your complaints, as this will go a long way in ensuring you get the best treatment for your condition.

With these tips, you are sure to get the best care when you book a telemedicine session. You should begin this journey with us with as low as N2, 500 to get access to Telemedicine By Hygeia HMO

By Dr.Okonkwor Oyor C.







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