Webinar On Geriatric Medicine: How Can We Best Take Care Of Our Parents & Elders

We had our webinar on caring for the elderly on the 29th of August, 2020.

The webinar started at 1 pm, and we had over 100 attendees in attendance. Our speakers, Dr Ajala of JBS Medicare and Dr Ofrey of Gerocare, experts in geriatric care were on hand to give succinct presentations.

Dr Ajala gave a presentation on the theme, “How Can We Best Take Care Of Our Parents& Elders,” while Dr Ofrey gave a presentation on, “Common Health Challenges In The Elderly.” After the presentations, we had a Question & Answer session during which we addressed the various worries and questions of the attendees.


Here are some comments from the attendees:


Been a fantastic session. Particularly for me at 61 going 50. Don’t fancy that Elderly description Thanks all. time well spent

Dr. Ajala, Dr. Ofrey, and Hygeia thank you for this session.

Abidemi Jerome
Hello everyone, it’s been a very informative session. Let’s not take preventive care for granted.

If you missed the webinar, have no fear, you can still download the presentations here:

Dr. Ofrey’s Presentation
Dr. Ajala’s Presentation

There are practical tips on caring for your elderly loved one in the slides.

You can also look through and purchase one of our senior plans here.

Live more life!

By Dr.Okonkwor Oyor C.


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